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Leadership Consulting for Real Change

Joseph L. Curtin Leadership Development is committed to helping first-line supervisors contribute meaningful impact in any organization. Reach out to us for leadership consulting and training customized to achieve your company's mission and goals.

End Product

Our consulting and training achieve true results when implemented correctly. Furthermore, we document our progress in reports delivered clearly and briefly throughout the course of our engagement. These reports allow you to see the changes in action.

Our Process

To accomplish results, we utilize a simple, but thorough leadership consulting and training process. We work alongside your personnel to implement the following steps:

  • Meet with You to Determine Objectives
  • Submit Proposal to Achieve Objectives
  • Analyze the Situation
  • Implement Development
  • Evaluate Success
  • Submit Evaluation of Success

Our Results

Over the years, we have successfully trained more than 260 executives, managers, and supervisors from 17 different companies. The results of our leadership consulting are as follows:

  • 96% of Evaluating Participants Stated We Communicated Clearly and Interestingly
  • 95% of Evaluating Participants Stated They Gained a Greater Understanding of Leadership
  • 94% of Evaluating Participants Stated They Gained a Greater Understanding of Communication and Motivation


"I want to thank you. The training quality was excellent and provided practical and effective methods for our managers and supervisors."
- S.R. Tedder, President, Ashley Drew & Northern Railway Company

"This course gave me a deeper insight into myself and in the role I play as a manager. It created a greater understanding of ways to perform my job in relationship to leading employees. Outstanding class and trainer. Thank you."
- Danny B., Farmer John Meats

"Your presentation was received very well by the membership and we sincerely look forward to an opportunity to have you return for another program in the future."
- Diane R., Vice President, L.A. Chapter of American Production & Inventory Control Society